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I saw this video on b3ta ( and had to get this idea out of my head...

Dramatic Look - Sing along with Weezer

Weezer love Dramatic Look in their latest release:
Pork and Beans

Clicky here to watch on youtube

Clicky here to visit their site
Thanks guys!

SouthPark for the Win

Yup, it keeps rolling:

Dramatic Look Prairie dog was in South park the other day.
You can see a clip of the episode from the South Parks site here...
The Episode was from Season 12 called 'Canada on Strike'

Dramatic Look: Best of

Loads of People (including groups of people) have been making remixes, edits and imitates of Dramatic Look. It's great to see my work turned into more original work. Less great is youtubers (and others) simply downloading it then posting it as their own...come on guys, make one of yourself, you can even get a green screen version over at (or get a t-shirt and ease your guilt at

Anyway, these are my favs:
(click Read more)

Dramatic Look

So I made a funny video.
I was bored, had 20 mins spare, and decided to take an animated gif i'd found at and put a soundtrack to it.
I made it for a few friends and the users of B3ta, two weeks later, i've had over a million views, it's been on tv in Poland, Italy, UK, Australia, Brazil and of course the US.

Thanks to everyone who commented over at youtube...and if you fancy buying some related products ;0) just click here!


Mostly today I was rather embarrassed.
On exiting from my local shops (are they local?, yes they are), I cut through the carpark. Just as I was getting to the entrance a car came round the corner heading, roughly, in my direction. Neither of us were moving particularly fast, so as long as one of us reacted we would be fine.
He didn’t react at all.
He was early 30’s, no facial hair (not even eyebrows), had a perfectly smooth bald head and an evenly tanned complexion.
Also, he was wearing a bright orange shirt.
I, of course, mistook him for a crash test dummy and freaked out accordingly.


I had sushi for lunch today, it was very nice, I also realised why I like it so much. Its because I feel like I’m a big Japanese monster and with my terrible wooden antenna I can destroy whole sushi cities with a single bite!


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