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You know that bit with the facehugger in Aliens?

It amazes me how many different habits people have when sleeping, some like the windows open, doors closed, doors open, no pillow, big pillow, no light, little bit of light, music on (a friend of mine used to fall asleep to Megadeth on his walkman), pyjamas, nightie you get the idea... For me, I like complete darkness and everything closed tight. I used to have the window open a little bit, but since that time I woke up with a giant (5cm) cockroach on my chin that ain't happening no more. I also sleep as God intended: Omnipotent er I mean in the nudie. So anyway the whole house is dark, all doors are closed and the only thing stirring is my bladder.

Rubbing the wrong way...

Mostly this afternoon I decided to go and have a massage at a chinese health place that I’d been recommended. This past week has been rather stressful and I tend to bunch it all up in my shoulders. A quick glance at my shoulders in the mirror this morning confirmed I had reached a Sandi Toksvig level of stress and needed to sort it out.

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