This morning I had a medical for my residency visa. This included urine, x-rays, general poking and an HIV test.
We didn't get off to a good start, the nurse taking the blood was from Latvia and had a thick accent (you'll have to do the accents yourselves).
I'm sitting in the room, rather nevous with my sleeve rolled up, signing some consent forms...she says:
"I'm going to take some blood now"
"It will be tested for HIV, do you understand?"

Cultural Differences

So I live in a country that I wasn’t born in, didn’t grow up in and hadn’t ever visited until about 5 years ago. I didn’t come from a culture that different, we share the same language and Royal family even. However, every so often I get caught out by little differences. Take this evening for example, I’d made a lovely meal for my partner, and we ate it with some nice wine and candlelight. As I was clearing the plates away I felt my lovers arms encircle me and a soft voice murmur “Would you like some Almond fingers?”.

Ratty where art thou?

I think the bloody thing has gone, no new poos, no skittering about at night.
Still I'll never look at a dark corner of the house the same again...

this is a test

to see what happens when drupal runs two blogs

I love spicy food but...

I love Spicy food, I love Curries, Chillis, Spicy sausages, Arrabiata, all of them. I love the eye watering flavour, my nose even runs. I love the warmth that grows in my mouth, the way I can't help but shovel more in my mouth as the heat takes hold. It's exciting: in a food way.
So how come I don't eat spicy food very often? I have no idea, so last night I got a chilli pizza last night, with jalapeños, red-eye chilli flakes and a Tabasco themed tomato sauce. Well it turns out my body adherers to a strict formula:
Spicy food + Next morning + jiggling = Imminent Trouser Danger

Pavlov's Grope

So my previous job involved a lot of driving, I used to go and fix computers at many different sites a day, mostly never more than about 15 minutes apart. I got into the habit of not bothering to put my laptop away but just used to stick it on the passenger seat and drive to the next site. Of course laptops are expensive, and while mine wasn't exactly state of the art (its name is Craptop), it was mine and I needed to make sure it didn't come to harm.

Underwater, no one can hear you burbleburbleburble

We've found a really, really good SCUBA club. It's $20 to join for the year, and then $35 per dive including all your gear except flippers and mask. Except it didn't go according to plan

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