Pavlov's Grope

So my previous job involved a lot of driving, I used to go and fix computers at many different sites a day, mostly never more than about 15 minutes apart. I got into the habit of not bothering to put my laptop away but just used to stick it on the passenger seat and drive to the next site. Of course laptops are expensive, and while mine wasn't exactly state of the art (its name is Craptop), it was mine and I needed to make sure it didn't come to harm. Why not put away you lazy git? I hear you exclaim, well, because I'm a lazy git. It was handy having it ready to go on the seat next to me. But what it also meant was that when I had to brake sharply I would have to hurriedly grab the laptop to stop it from sliding off the seat.
Now I did a lot of driving, and relatively, a lot of braking sharply. This in turn meant I did a lot of Grabbing-to-save-my-laptop. Pavlov proved an interesting fact: Dogs like bells. He also found that if you repeat something often enough it becomes second nature. It becomes so ingrained you do it without even realising. Great if you’re a skydiver repeating emergency procedure over and over but this phenomenon is not without its drawbacks: It would appear that under sharp breaking I now automatically grab the crotch of my fellow passenger.
My partner is off to ebay for a tazer...